Getting started with FenixEdu development takes only a few clicks. With the FenixEdu Start application (available at, you can easily bootstrap your FenixEdu module or application. You need just insert some basic project information, and a project structure will be generated for you.

Head over to, and choose the type project you want to create:

Creating a module

To create a module, you must insert some basic project information (Group ID, Artifact ID, Project Name, etc). You can also choose which dependencies to use (by default the latest versions of Bennu and FenixEdu Maven are selected).

You can also choose the presentation technology for your module. Regardless of your choice, the generated project will contain an 'Hello World' Portal Application, which you can easily use for your own module.

Creating a web application

A FenixEdu web application contains a list of all the installed modules, as well as the configuration for your application's database. Just like in the module, you must insert some basic application information. You must also specify the configuration of your MySQL database.