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We are FenixEdu

In these pages you will find information regarding how everything related to the FenixEdu project as an Organisation works. The information here should guide you as you are contributing, learning or simply deploying one of our applications in your own organisation. These pages are focused on how as a project we work.

What is FenixEdu

FenixEdu is a group of people working to improve societal development by improving the education process. We do this by creating open source software solutions for education. By making teaching easier, faster and more resource efficent, we help putting more educated people back in society, triggering a societal growth feed back loop. More knowledgeable persons on the world means better lifes for everyone.

FenixEdu Project started in 2002 at Instituto Superior Técnico, one of the top high education engineering schools in Portugal. IST started developing Information Systems to manage its internal information back in the 80's. Around the year 2000 it became clear that those systems couldn't grew as fast as the school wanted them. The internet was burgeoning and the old systems were written in very old plataforms without world wide network access. A new system was designed and has been in continous improvement since then.

Since its inception, FenixEdu chose to release all its software using open source. By doing so we can include in our community all the stakeholders that use our systems. FenixEdu software is used as a teaching tool as well we listen to students to improve on their user experience.

Stuck somewhere?

If you have any doubt or something has a problem please contact us at

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