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The actions displayed below are required to use fenixedu-project v2.5.0 or later.

Since v2.5.0 resource bundles must be loaded in UTF-8 encoding, this page is exactly to show how an existing module can be converted to use this version.

Upgrading dependencies versions

As this major update had a lot of changes it is required that you upgrade some of your project's versions.

  1. Replace your parent on pom.xml by the code below.
Upgrading parent's version
        <relativePath />

2. Update your project dependencies with the maven command below.

Upgrading dependencies versions
mvn -U versions:update-properties -Dincludes="*,org.fenixedu*"  -Dexcludes=javax.: -DgenerateBackupPoms=false -Pproduction

Installing the Java Extension Mechanism

When migrating to fenixedu-project v2.5.0 you will need to install a Java Extension Mechanism responsible for ensuring UTF-8 resources bundles loading.

You can find information about this installation here.

UTF-8 Enforce

All-in-one operation

This is the faster way to apply all the required actions to enforce UTF-8 resource bundle properties.

This operation assumes that all your resource bundles are located in src/main/resources/resources

What this will do:

  • Convert every ISO-8859-1 encoded resource bundle properties file to UTF-8.
  • Add a comment containing emojis to enforce UTF-8 on every resource bundle properties file.
  • Enforce the use of UTF8PropertyMessageResourcesFactory on every existing struts config file.

How to do it:

Just download and run the script below passing your project's/module's path as a parameter to the script.

E.g. $script-path/ $project-path


If your resource bundles are placed in another location besides src/main/resources/resources please apply the changes below:

  1. Open the script on a text editor
  2. On line 3 change the text grep "^.*src/main/resources/resources$" to grep "^.*{your-resources-path}$"
  3. Replace the {your-resources-path} by your resources path

Step-by-step operation

This way is slower but more precise if you need to change some things to match your criteria.

Converting resource bundle properties to UTF-8

1. Run the script below to convert all ISO-8859-1 resource bundle properties to UTF-8, sending your project path as a parameter.

E.g. $script-path/ $project-path

2. Run the following script to place a comment in the top of every resource bundle properties file, sending your project path as a parameter.

E.g. $script-path/ $project-path

Enforcing the use of UTF-8 resources factory on struts config files

1. Run the script below to enforce UTF8PropertyMessageResourcesFactory on every struts config file (struts-*.xml), sending your project path as a parameter.

E.g. $script-path/ $project-path

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