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Here you can find information about how to show text.

Since Canvas is applied to all FenixEdu applications, you as a developer should try to maintain a consistent user experience across all interfaces. Try not to mess around with font sizes, font weights and line heights, that will break the experience


FenixEdu Canvas have available all the normal headings stylized to our theme, as you can see:

Headings use the Tittillium font.

Headings mark the beginning of a new context  You should use the headings as an hierarchy, not as font sizes. Use only higher headings if only you've used the previous  heading type.

Body text

This is the kinds of style you can use on text:

Text is using Source Sans, with more or less 14px. 

If you have a long text, you should wrap it around a paragraph. This gives it a necessary breathing space. Also, if you have a small leading text, like a introduction to a text, or brand signature, you can use a lead paragraph for the text to stand out.





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